Arthur Apinian, LMHC, LABAArthur Apinian, LMHC, LABA

My name is Arthur Apinian and I have been in the counseling/mental health field for 13 years. I am currently licensed in Massachusetts as Mental Health Counselor ( LMHC) and a Behavior Analyst ( LABA). In addition, I have gone through an extensive coursework in Substance Abuse and will be seeking to be certified in Substance Abuse in the near future.

I have worked with clients across many different ages and diagnostic profiles. More specifically, I have many years of experience working with clients with severe behavioral disorders, anxiety issues and mood disorders.

My treatment approach includes cognitive therapy, behavioral restructuring techniques, desensitization, and relaxation techniques. My special interests are hypnosis in treatment, holistic treatment and cognitive restructuring. I will be at Wilmington Family Counseling services on a part time basis and will oversee a caseload of about 10 clients.


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