Chris O’Shea, LICSW

I  am a licensed  independent clinical social worker.   Most of my training was based on family systems theory, so that I tend to look at how ones feelings and behavior effects other people that they encounter in their daily lives.  I also have done a great deal of work with trauma based issues.

I have worked in the area of child welfare for the past 28 years.  I work with children and families that live with multiple traumas and loss.  I specialize working with both families and children that are part of the adoption trial.  I am considered an expertist  in this field and have done a number of national trainings on various issues in this field.  I currently sit on a state wide board that look at various issues of adoption.

I  also have a great deal of real life experience in parenting.  My wife and I have been married for 39 years now and have 10 children.  Eight of these children were adopted from foster care.  I bring much of this real life experience into my clinic al work.  I understand many of the challenges of parenting in today’s world.  I understand relationships need to grow and evolve over time if they are going to be successful. 

I truly enjoy working with teenagers, although some of my fellow therapists question my sanity around this.  I understand that it is tough  being a teenager and thy face many important life decisions such as school, drugs, dealing with parents and peer pressure.

I also work with children who are living with divorce.  Many of their issues are similar to adopted children.  These include divided loyalties living with step parents, loss and often time instability.

Because of my experenience and training, I have also worked with a number of children who are not experiencing success at school.   This may be do to some sort of learning disability, emotional f actor or disruption.  I believe all children can be and want to be successful and it is our job as adults to guide them towards success.

On the adult side, I enjoy working with couples as we explore their relationship.  I tend to stress the importance of good communication and how that begins with listening and empathizing.  I will often work with couples around the special issues of parenting.


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