Gracan Montpetit, LMHCGracan Montpetit, LMHC

As a seasoned therapist, I am dedicated to helping people improve their lives. I am a Licensed Mental Health Clinician (LMHC) who provides individual, couples and family therapy to children, youth and adults across the life spectrum. My job is to help each person utilize his or her strengths to achieve a state of mental health from where that person can grow and achieve his or her goals. At WFCS, I work with people on diverse issues including ADHD, Depression, Addiction, Anxiety, Gender Identity, Family Dynamics, Sexuality and Trauma. I enjoy working with people from diverse cultures, backgrounds and ability levels.

My therapeutic approach depends on the needs of the person I’m working with and that person’s needs. I use varying techniques to help people understand their beliefs/feelings/behaviors, the reasons for the feelings/beliefs, the purpose of behaviors and developing healthy ways to cope with or change those feelings/behaviors/beliefs.

I received my Master’s in Counseling and my Bachelor’s in Education from Southeast Missouri State University. My prior professional experience includes Lahey Services Behavioral Health, Behavioral Health Network, school counseling in Virginia and Missouri, serving as a board member of a mental health center in Missouri and working for the Missouri Department of Mental Health.



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