Holly Gelfond, Ed.D., MS, RNPC                                            

As a psychiatric clinical nurse specialist, I provide psychiatric evaluations to adult clients in order to prescribe psychopharmacological medication as needed.  My areas of clinical expertise include psychological trauma as well as women’s and men’s psychological development. 

I trained and worked at the Trauma Center in Brookline, MA, and I have taught psychological trauma at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.  I received my masters degree in psychiatric nursing from Boston College. 

I also hold masters and doctoral degrees in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard University.  In my dissertation work at Harvard, I examined patients’ reluctance to take psychopharmacological medication.  In particular, my research focused on patients who experienced psychological trauma.  The findings of my research inform my current philosophy regarding prescribing medication.  As an integral part of my assessment, I explore the meaning a client makes of taking psychiatric medications. Paying attention to and discussing these thoughts and feelings, I believe, contributes the overall success of treatment. 

In addition to Wilmington Family Counseling Service, I work as an advanced practice nurse at McLean Hospital’s Clinical Evaluation Center in Belmont, MA.  I evaluate patients for admission to the hospital’s inpatient units.  On other days, I work as a staff nurse at McLean Hospital’s Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorders Program as well as the Dual Diagnosis Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program.

To accompany my interests in psychiatric nursing, I appreciate classical music, dance of all kinds, and I am an advocate for the humane treatment of animals.


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