Karyn E. Labrecque, M.S., L.M.H.C.Karyn E. Labrecque, M.S., L.M.H.C.

Karyn E. Labrecque is a seasoned clinician & consultant of 23 year’s field experience in counseling psychology, emergent psychiatry & psychological assessment, and in the psychotherapeutic treatment of adolescent, adult & geriatric behavioral health.  Her clinical experience encompasses substantive, multifaceted work with a clinically & culturally diverse clientele in a variance of acute inpatient & sub-acute, community-based settings & in private practice, extending to the treatment of individuals, couples & families across the developmental, age, gender & diagnostic care continuums.  Her broader, professional objective is to help all individuals, and their relational collectives, to learn, grow, strengthen & self-actualize their inner resilience in the restoration of healthier personal, psychological & social functioning.

SPECIALIZATION / Ms. Labrecque specializes in women’s behavioral health and in the treatment of Mood & Anxiety Spectrum Disorders, especially those associated with the reproductive life cycle, mental health issues co-occurring with medical conditions and their treatments, and those attributable to the aging process.  Ms. Labrecque’s practice provides expert, state-of-the art evaluation & ongoing care for women of all ages who suffer from a spectrum of psychiatric disorders and struggle with a variance of psychological issues.  In addition to treating common personal & interpersonal problems associated with emotion, anxiety & depression, she extends support to individuals negotiating novel or stressful psychosocial adjustment & transition, as well as to those responding to dysfunction in the family-of-origin.

RESEARCH & CLINICAL INTEREST / Ms. Labrecque has a longstanding, interdisciplinary interest in understanding female resiliency & positive adaptation to challenging life-cycle transition, negative life experiences & event, sudden change & loss, and, most particularly, in response to acute stress, trauma and emotional & psychological abuse.  She maintains an in-depth understanding of the complex physiological, social, environmental, cultural, hormonal, biological & psychological issues affecting women today, and currency with the rapidly-evolving landscape of female psychology.  

PSYCHOTHERAPY /  Ms. Labrecque considers psychotherapy as a means of expressing oneself as fully as possible in the pursuit of deepened self-knowledge and a more satisfying and meaningful life.  This work focuses on openness & self-expression in its sufficiency so as to attain a clarified understanding of one’s past & present struggles in the context of conscious & unconscious, internal or external conflict.  As maladaptive, cognitive & behavioral themes & patterns, causal to one’s current emotional distress, begin to emerge and are identified, gradual but fundamental change in coping, problem-solving is effected.     

ETHIC & CLINICAL PHILOSOPHY / As a client, you shall receive comprehensive, expert & highly individualized care in a compassionate, intelligent & active environment.  Ms. Labrecque listens carefully to her clients, ensuring that each feels comfortable, accepted & understood.  It is her belief that every individual deserves a warm & trustful partnership with his or her psychotherapist, an informed, collaborative role in the treatment process, and relief from suffering. 

TREATMENT APPROACH / Ms. Labrecque’s clinical approach is integrative & interdisciplinary, and positive & primarily present-focused.  She utilizes an environmental, bio/psycho/social, insight-oriented & strengths-based treatment model with broad psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral & systemic underpinnings.  Her style is warm, interactive, pragmatic & often humorous. 

INITIAL CONSULTATION  / Upon initial consultation, Ms. Labrecque shall conduct a careful, comprehensive evaluation of presenting concerns, past history and contributing, contextual dynamics & factors.  Once completed, an appropriate course of treatment is collaboratively decided upon.  If indicated, she shall initiate a psychiatry referral for the psychopharmacologic management of particular target symptoms, so as to optimize the efficacy of clinical care. 

TREATMENT PLANNING & COURSE / Treatment planning is commensurate to clinical presentation and the respective needs, preferences, objectives & capabilities of each individual or relational collective, and sensitively gauged at client discretion.  Duration of treatment is variable & highly individualized, dependent upon clinical presentation & personal history, therapeutic objectives and contextual dynamics & factors.  In some instances, psychotherapy may be brief, of short-term & solutions-focused, while in others, the process may be more in-depth, of lengthier in-term & insight-oriented-and, perhaps, open-ended. 

SCHOLARSHIP / Ms. Labrecque completed her undergraduate studies at Salem University in Salem, Massachusetts, where she was a 1990 recipient of a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology & Sociology, concentrating in clinical psychology & psychosocial pathology.  She is a 1995, summa cum laude graduate of the Bouve College of Pharmacy & Allied Health Professions at Northeastern University, in Boston, Massachusetts, where Ms. Labrecque earned a Master of Science Degree in Counseling Psychology, with specialization in women’s studies & family systems.  Her graduate research examined the positive correlation between maternal mentoring & female resiliency.

LICENSURE / Ms. Labrecque is licensed as a mental health counselor in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

ADVANCED CLINICAL TRAINING /  Ms. Labrecque has advanced clinical training in the areas of crisis & trauma response, intervention & evaluation, critical stress & trauma debriefing, psychological assessment, and in the treatments of domestic violence, emotional & psychological abuse, pathology in the family-of-origin, perinatal & postpartum mood disturbance,  sexually-based trauma inclusive of  abuse, assault, rape & incest, and suicide prevention & intervention. She is a Fellow of the North Shore Postpartum Depression Task Force.     

SUB-SPECIALIZATION / Adjustment Disorder / Aging & Life Cycle Transition / Alcoholism & Adult Children / Attention-Deficit Disorder
Familial & Relational Dysfunction / Grief, Loss & Bereavement / Posttraumatic Stress Disorder / Self-Esteem & Identity / Stress Management
Suicidal Ideation & Attempt  / Self-Harm / Psychological & Emotional Abuse

ADDITIONAL SERVICE / Crisis & Trauma Response / Collateral Care Coordination / Critical Incident Stress & Trauma Debriefing
Level-of-Care Assessment / Mediation & Conflict Resolution / Psychological Assessment & Emergency Evaluation / Private & Professional Counsel Recommendation & Referral / Risk-Determination / Second-Opinion Consultation

CLIENTELE / Adolescent / Adult / Geriatric

MODALITY / Individual / Couple / Familial

TREATMENT / Life-Coaching  / Short-Term, Brief, Solutions-Focused / Long-term & In-Depth, Insight-Oriented / Therapeutic Mentoring

SPECIALIZATION /  Women’s Behavioral Health

CONCENTRATION /  Mood & Anxiety Spectrum Disorder / Female Reproductive Mental Health / Family Systems

“I look forward to bringing the collective wisdom of my interests, training & experience to our work together.”


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