Larry PeltzLarry Peltz, MD, Consulting Psychiatrist

Larry Peltz is a psychiatrist with twenty-five years experience in psychopharmacology with adults.  Dr. Peltz has also treated children for nearly twenty years.  He has a specialty in addictions and is the medical director of the Bournewood-Caulfield partial hospital program in Woburn, Massachusetts.  Dr. Peltz is also a mindfulness teacher trained at University of Massachusetts Medical Center in 1993.  Many of his patients are introduced to mindfulness-based approaches as an adjunct to their psychotherapy and medication treatments.

Dr. Peltz has extensive experience treating mood, anxiety, thought, and addictive disorders as well as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  The evaluation is of the whole patient, often including family.  Dr. Peltz sees psychopharmacology treatment as, in part, psychotherapy with opportunities for support and greater insight into the patient’s personal and family situation.  Medicine is a tool that is utilized or discontinued as is clinically appropriate.

Dr. Peltz attended Loyola University School of Medicine in Chicago.  He did a medical internship at Albany Medical Center and a year of neurology training at Boston University.  After two years of working in emergency rooms and primary care, Dr. Peltz completed his psychiatry residency at Boston University.  Dr. Peltz is the supervisor of the advance practice nurses doing psychopharmacology treatment at Wilmington Family Counseling.  He has worked at the clinic since 1996.                                         


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