Mystala Broughton, LICSW

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works part-time at Wilmington Family Counseling. I work with a range of clients including adults, teens and children. I utilize a variety of therapeutic modalities to help people with life transitions, crisis or dysfunctions that are inhibiting their happiness and goals in life.

I provide a safe environment for people to reflect and understand themselves. Everyone comes from different backgrounds and has their own life story to tell. Some approaches that I use are problem solving techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, child-parent therapy and mindfulness. I also have experience helping children and teens who are on the autism spectrum. The collaboration and relationship between therapist and client is to key making changes in ones life.

Play Therapy:
For children, the usual “talk therapy” can prove to be difficult and less meaningful as they often are not able to express themselves verbally as a teen or adult can. I use play therapy with children around the ages of 18 months-8 years old. Play therapy allows the child to play out their own experiences and to tell the story of how they perceive the environments that they interact with on a daily basis. Using their story I am able to help support the child in making sense of a possible life transition or traumatic experience.

I received my Master of Criminal Justice in 2006 and my Master of Social Work in 2009. I also received my certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in 2010 and trained with the Massachusetts Child Trauma Project in 2013.

Everyone needs support and a safe place to be able to be heard at some point in their lives. The areas in which I have experience treating are anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, family issues, addiction, and adolescent issues.


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